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Welcome to the 7th Collegiate Student Safety Technology Design Competition (SSTDC)

The 25th ESV Conference Organizers welcome you to a competition that offers unique opportunities to students who compete. We invite all undergraduate and graduate students from our ESV member countries in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific to consider participating.


What Is The SSTDC?

The Collegiate Student Safety Technology Design Competition gives young scholars an exciting opportunity to design, build, and demonstrate a cost-effective conceptual scale model of a vehicle safety technology.

Why Participate In The SSTDC?

To compete with other students and have the opportunity to present to a live audience of automotive safety professionals at an international technical conference. Finalists for the competition travel to Detroit Michigan for a final presentation.

Who Participates In The SSTDC?

Participating teams must be from an ESV member country. Teams consisting of university-level seniors and/or graduate students, guided by one faculty advisor, enter a 300-word abstract related to a global vehicle safety research priority.